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Buy from Black and Indigenous and People of Color this holiday season (and always)

supporting small businesses is important now more than ever, and supporting Indigenous and Black and person of color owned businesses is always important. during a holiday that celebrates the genocide of Indigenous people and a weekend of over consumption that encapsulates the exploitation that is capitalism let's choose to spread the wealth, pay full price, and give + get some amazing creations. 

here's a list of my personal favorite Black, person of color and indigenous owned brands to support this holiday season and always. i'll start with the brands we carry in our brick and mortar because each of these creators is amazing and you all should support them directly:  

angie watts - angie creates high quality, chemical and cruelty-free products that make you feel good about the purchase you're making and the skin you're in. we carry angie's beard care brand (smitty's beard care) in the store and my partner mike is obsessed with the beard balm (and i love to smell his beard so its a weird win-win). 

luxe lather - once we got rosa's creations in the store it instantly filled the space with THE best scents. she makes soaps, body washes, body  butters and more and is coming out with a "home" line soon! my favorite is the washed wood scent.

brujita skincare - i am not much of a skincare gal, but brujita has got me becoming one. earthy ingredients from leah's home of mexico make for the perfect routine you can feel good about. the hechizo facial serum has become a part of my morning ritual. 

cosmic body brand - colorful, multi-use and sustainably made products are what drew me to cosmic body. made in idaho, you can find all the skincare love you want at an affordable price. spritz yourself with the flower of love skin mist whenever you need a pick me up and i promise you'll be feeling refreshed. 

prosperity candle co - another product that fills our brick and mortar with the best smells is prosperity candles. these hand poured, sustainable candles are made by women refugees and artisans. i love cuddling up with a book and the pioneer valley candle. 

utility objects - natural shapes and colors with form and function has aleisha's creations at the top of my gift giving list this year. i like to pair my ceramic tea strainer with the dimple mug

danielle yukari ceramics - sleek, modern and beautiful is all i can say about danielle's creations. her work is like nothing i've ever seen and we are honored to have her pieces in our shop and home. the entire mola collection is my dream come true. 

ivy's tea co - don't buy your tea from anywhere else. period. shanae crafts together the most delicious and nourishing teas AND honeys with a hip-hop inspired twist. i am currently loving the not coffee for a midday pick me up.  

an image overlooking a variety of loose leaf teas in four white ceramic mugs
image from

dronme davis art - an instagram crush turned instagram friend, dronme paints and speaks with realness and heart. we carry a small collection of her one of a kind paintings of womxn being womxn and it's the perfect addition to the space - follow her and maybe you'll be lucky enough to snag a gorgeous piece of art. 

gaia's piece - liam is one of my favorite human's and makers; their mind is like none other i have come across. we carry a small collection of their clothing in the storefront and i highly recommend you follow their insta to catch any creations they may be selling there. 

café mam organic coffee - café mam coffee is grown by native mayan farmers living in the highlands of chiapas, mexico. i cannot start my morning without a cup of the royal espresso

jewelry (this is a paired down list because i could go on and on, i think this calls for a separate blog posting)

small talk - vibrant and colorful statement earrings that are sure to get folx talking. all of lisa's work is stunning, and some even glow in the dark.

ukaome -  simple yet bold beaded jewelry and adornments from an amazing woman and creator. 5% of jessica's sales go to a BIPOC organization every month too.

shop hola luna - ah, my dear friend dina is a powerhouse of creativity and craftswomanship! i tell her this constantly but i get chills every time i see her latest creations. 

aziza handcrafted - i don't even know what to say, this jewelry is just flat out amazing. simple yet bold brass and silver pieces. 

lingua nigra -  her sculptural jewelry has been an inspiration to me for a while now. each of her pieces are unique and have the feeling as though it has a story to tell. 

only child handicrafts - beaded adornments and heirlooms. i first found only child on instagram and learned so much about the history of beading as an art and how it has been appropriated by white folx, i love the knowledge brought through beauty of her art. 

taylor nikole - i could only dream of making statement earrings like this. bold, colorful and one of a kind; i've got my eye one the lorieen earrings. 

image from

mikailah thompson - mikailah is a member of the Nez Perce in what is now called idaho. she creates stunning work that often raises funds for the Nimíipuu community.

aisha likes it - aisha is an amazing woman and creator. her work is afrobohemian inspired and makes for a gorgeous pop of color to an outfit. 

its all culture - ashley creates the most stunning statement jewelry from clay that celebrates the Black experience and her instagram is a must follow. 

warren steven scott - these earrings are so sleek and timeless! the double feather earrings are making want to run out and get pierced. 


bagru arts and crafts - beautiful handcrafted quilts, bedding and more that employ artisan families struggling through covid in india. i just purchased the kantha quilt throw for my grandmother and i think i'm heading back for more soon. 

élan byrd - an all time favorite maker of mine. élan creates one of a kind fiber art from wall hangings to collage art and prints, her work will provide your home with warm, beach vibes. 

pur home -  sustainable detergents, cleaners and soaps - all you need to keep it all fresh.  

aya paper co - sustainably made greeting cards and journals. aya paper co. is a go to for cards; the gratitude card set is perfect to send love to friends during these difficult times. 

Edloe finch - i've been on the lookout for a comfy and stylish couch supporting good people ever since corona hit and i have finally found one! this is my partner and i's gift to ourselves this year. 

image from élan byrd


sancho's shop - i love simple clothing with comfort and sustainability at the forefront and that is exactly what sancho's provides. their instagram is full of beautiful images as well necessary conversations around anti-racism and growth. 

earth toned collective - oooh the colors and the all over vibe of earth toned collective is a dream. this whole grace ensemble is simply amazing. 

hi fatra - a repurpose lover's dream come true. made from repurposed plastic fatra is reintroducing waste back into the production process. 

shop aloe vintage - frankie is based out of new orleans and sources such standout pieces. some of my all time favorite staple pieces are from aloe. frankie is raising funds toward their own brick and mortar - visit here to contribute to their dream and spread the wealth. 

nia thomas - always find myself being inspired by nia's work; the colors she uses and the materials rooted in true sustainability. 

emme -  i have been following the owner and designer of emme, korina, for sometime now. she is currently selling beautiful masks cut from pendelton wool and she definitely makes it on the next list of folx to follow (below).

leaders, collectives, folx to follow:

reclaim collaborative - the community of women that created this collective are some of my favorite people to learn from and alongside. we recently joined their #ReclaimBlackFriday campaign and this post itself is inspired by this collective work. check it out and join us

pais agency - eunice is a photographer like none other and she has just created an ethical and sustainable agency focused on bringing like-minded creators, photographers and models together with sustainability at the core of everything. she is currently crowdfunding for pais agency - click here to spread the wealth to a necessary aspect currently lacking in fashion world. 

nisha jae newton - an activist and human who all should be following their lead. nisha lays it all out and does and is so much to our community of boise. support them on patreon for pure gold. 

sustainble bk - sustainable brooklyn is run by dominique drakeford and whitney mcguire. a place of learning, art, activism and Black joy. 

cncs_ - my favorite blog of all time. run by two women out of south africa, masego and stella talk fashion, sustainability, race and more. 

amber tamm - amber is reclaiming her rightful space in the farming industry and sharing messages of grief and healing. pay toward her future farm fund here

okay i'll stop here, but i feel a part two coming on. remember, the large corporations do not need our money, but Black and Brown folx and small business owners do. please respect these peoples spaces, time and energy; support, pay full price and be merry. 



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