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ivy's tea co. - loose leaf tea

ivy's tea co. - loose leaf tea

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plastic free containers featuring the finest loose leaf teas from ivy's tea co.

c.r.e.a.m.: crisp & cooling flavor made from a variety of organic mints (peppermint, spearmint, etc.); helps ease stomach pains, migraines, headaches, nausea & stress - tea is caffeine free 

red bone: spicy, sour, sweet & a bit lemony in flavor; made from hibiscus, cranberries, lemon peel, chili pepper, citric acid; pairs well with shmoney honey - tea is caffeine free 

not coffee: a sweet, dark and chocolatey tea made from roasted dandelion root; a caffeine free coffee substitute that helps boost energy and balances your liver; pairs well with crime honey - tea is caffeine free 

blow: mild, earthy with a light sweetness, similar to a superior quality green tea; made with jasmine flowers, lemongrass and butterfly pea flowers; supports mood, brain function and is a natural aphrodisiac - tea is caffeine free 

rise & grind: mild black tea made with coconut & vanilla; pairs well with side piece honey - tea contains caffeine

green bae: a very mild green tea with light citrus flavors; full of antioxidants and can help speed up a sluggish metabolism; pairs well with cut it honey - tea contains caffeine


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