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burmese candles

burmese candles

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from prosperity candle

soy candles with fsc certified wood wicks in 5 scents; these candles are named in honor of the burmese refugee artisans that make them and are designed to inspire cherished memories from their southeast asian homeland; each candle comes with a story about the artisan that made it 

all candles are 8.5 oz./40 hour burn time 

peace: tobacco leaf blended with bergamot and notes of cinnamon, clove and amber, creating feelings of peace

joy: lime blossom infused with bergamot and tarragon, a floral scent eliciting a sense of joy

compassion: sandalwood blended with amber and cool moss, evoking feelings of compassion

kindness: orange blossom mingled with water lily and iris, a gentle scent engendering kindness

gratitude: lemon infused with jasmine, cedar and a hint of musk, inspiring a sense of gratitude

product descriptions from prosperitycandle.com


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