about us

we create jewelry out of found, foraged and repurposed objects. as we are not constrained to one process or medium, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

to us, foraging isn’t just collecting alluring natural objects on a whim. we spend time researching the laws and regulations of each place we travel. we learn the history of the land we set foot upon. and we don’t take more than what is necessary to create our inimitable pieces. 

while it is nearly impossible to be a zero waste jewelry creator, we do our best to remain as low waste as possible. we use eco-friendly sealants and adhesives when our fragile materials call for them. we build with ethically manufactured metals & hardware. and we always dispose of any waste materials properly and responsibly. the nature of our materials allows us to keep our footprint small and protect our environment through reuse. and we aim to inspire our customers to do the same.  

we are not here to take from mother earth, but to showcase her natural beauty. and we create around what we are given to provide you with a stunningly unique product that will showcase yours.