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café mam organic coffee
café mam organic coffee

café mam organic coffee

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café mam (pronounced "mom") is the finest single origin coffee grown by fair trade cooperatives of native mayan farmers living in the highlands of chiapas, mexico. it is 100% organic, fair trade certified, single origin, shade-grown, high altitude, arabica coffee. café mam also proudly carries the small producers' symbol which serves as a testament of their commitment to putting farmers first. 

packaging is fully recyclable or compostable (check with your municipal composting facility first). 

café mam donates 2% of all sales directly to non profits

**all bags are 1 lb and whole bean (unground)

breakfast blend: equal parts medium & light; sweet and mellow with plenty of caffeine to start your day.

mochó blend: three to two mix of medium and italian; fruity with a good body and clean aftertaste.

royal espresso: medium-dark blend that varies from each harvest; fantastic for espresso, drip or pour over.

french roast: darkest roast available; rich tasting with a smoky finish that offers less caffeine and a lower acid content.

product descriptions from cafemam.com

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